Canada’s Great Kitchen Party

elevates and celebrates Canadian food

Canada’s Great Kitchen Party is a national culinary competition in twelve cities across Canada. It is a night with a 14-year successful history. It is a night for guests to enjoy the best food that the city’s chefs offer.

The chefs come to elevate their craft, they come to share their passion, they come to make a difference, but ultimately, they come to win!

The Competitions


***The 2020 competition format has been revised. Please see the individual city pages for details.

James Chatto, national head judge and culinary advisor, oversees the selection and judging process of the more than 100 competing chefs, each vying for that coveted trophy in their city. The selection and invitation process for the regional competitions occurs in the spring of every year by a regional head judge.

The chefs who are chosen are invited to create their ultimate dish and pair it with a premier Canadian wine, beer or spirit. They hone their dish and paired beverage over many weeks before they are satisfied they are ready for the guests and judges. The dishes are judged out of a 100, with points given to visual presentation, texture, technical achievement, taste, beverage compatibility and wow factor.

To be invited to compete at a regional level is a notch in the belt. To be on the podium is to be recognized as one of the best. To win the gold: a major achievement!

The Finale

The gold medal-winning chef in each city then has the opportunity to go on to compete at the national finals, the Canadian Culinary Championships, held annually in late January/early February in our nation's capital! The multi-day event has three competitions for the twelve winning chefs: The Mystery Wine Pairing, The Black Box and The Grand Finale. It’s an exhausting, rewarding and life changing experience for the chefs.

Only one chef wins... and to be crowned the top chef in Canada is a career changer!

Canadian Culinary Championships