Canada’s Great Kitchen Party

elevates and celebrates Canadian sport

Canadian Athletes

Canadian athletes - with their determination and their resilience - are an inspiration for all Canadians.

Canada’s Great Kitchen Party is founded on the premise that sport is an important part of our culture. With that premise, we invite Canadian athletes from amateur, para and pro sports to take off their training gear, enjoy a night of great Canadian food and music and allow us to celebrate their stories and their achievements!

Athletes at Events

***The sport/athlete component has been revised for 2020. Please see the individual city pages for details.

During the culinary competition, guests have the opportunity to meet and mingle with these Canadian sport heroes. It is an opportunity to ask questions, touch a few medals and meet the person behind the amazing achievements.

It is an opportunity to thank them for what they do for Canadian pride.

Athletes on Trips

Some of our national and international trips provide an opportunity for even a more in-depth experience with a Canadian athlete.

In our history over 4800 guests have enjoyed so many experiences with some of our featured athletes: cycling, hiking, going to a wine tasting, mountain biking, enjoying an Italian feast... the list goes on...

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