BEER, BRAVERY, BUBBLES – Antwerp, Belgium and Flanders and Reims, France

Beer, Bravery and Bubbles from Antwerp, Belgium to Reims, France – Thank you to Johnny Reid, Geoffrey and Alison Kelly, Jill Daum, Miku Graham and Michael Shand, Tessa Virtue, Scott Moir and Stephen Beaumont for a trip full of some beautiful memories with so many new friendships. From fantastic beers, to the best bubbles and a very memorable day at Passchendaele that will never be forgotten!

We hope to return one day to Belgium and France!

Photos From Past Years

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It is not only the destination, but the journey. Experiencing new lands with Canadians from coast to coast coupled with a soundtrack by some of our country’s best musicians and the inspiration of the Canadian athletes is quite a package! In fact, it’s awesome!

– Christopher Gordon and Sherry Stafford, Ottawa

It is an experience that cannot be created on your own. It is a unique opportunity to meet fellow Canadians from every province and reminds you of just how lucky we all are to be living in this great country.

– Bob and Anne Aziz, Oakville

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