It doesn’t get much more magical than taking over a 15th century castle on the shores of the North Sea in the magical highlands of Scotland! Ackergill Tower became our home away from home as we pitted clan against clan, tasted whisky and gins, played darts to the wee hours of the morning, hiked and took part in the Viking Dip! The week ended in a glorious day where the men donned their kilts, the pipe band played and we enjoyed an amazing Imperial Dinner complete with the piping in of the haggis as we reminisced about all the new found friends we have from across our great country!

Thank you to Geoffrey and Alison Kelly, Matthew and Rebecca Harder, Jill Daum, Tessa Bonhomme and new to our family, Bill Henderson from Chilliwack who rocked it out in Smuggler’s Pub!

We hope to return one day to Scotland!

Photos From Past Years

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It is not only the destination, but the journey. Experiencing new lands with Canadians from coast to coast coupled with a soundtrack by some of our country’s best musicians and the inspiration of the Canadian athletes is quite a package! In fact, it’s awesome!

– Christopher Gordon and Sherry Stafford, Ottawa

It is an experience that cannot be created on your own. It is a unique opportunity to meet fellow Canadians from every province and reminds you of just how lucky we all are to be living in this great country.

– Bob and Anne Aziz, Oakville

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