Canada’s Great Kitchen Party

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Culinary Competitions held in Halifax, Moncton and St. John’s

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The show will be a celebration of Canadian Excellence supporting our three chosen charities: MusiCounts, Community Food Centres Canada and B2ten.

For those of you who did order by the deadline, each chef’s main dish will be judged by our esteemed local judges and the winning chef in each city will be announced during “The Winner’s Circle” ... brought to you by Sysco.

For every meal order and for a "Just the Show order", a link will be provided to our incredible online show curated by Jim Cuddy, our entertainment advisor. Please note: One show link per house hold and is only valid using one email address. This link is non-transferable.

The evening's theme is Emerging Stronger. We will explore the shared hope that as Canadians, we are emerging stronger in our resilience, cultural awareness and innovation. Thank you to Targeted Strategies for partnering with us.

And thank-you to our valued presenting partner: Deloitte

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Halifax Co-chairs: Sheri Penner, Phil Otto

Moncton Co-chairs: Stephen Lund, Dr. Janice Cormier, Ben Champoux

St John's Co-chairs: Scott Giannou, Eric Schibler, Helen Clarke

Platinum Host: Support for Sport

Purpose: To celebrate Canadian Excellence in food, music and sport and make a difference for youth.

Impact: Food, Music and Sport
Share in our vision of ensuring all children have food on the table and music in their lives - and national athletes have the support they need to represent Canada on the world stage.

Supporting: MusiCounts, CFCC and B2ten through ticket sales, direct donations and an online auction that will open seven days prior to the event

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Competing Chefs

**To ensure you get the chef of your choice, order your tickets today! There is limited quantity per chef. Delivery is $15 within a 15 km radius or free curbside pickup.

Please note: because this is a culinary competition, allergies cannot be accommodated and no substitutions can be made. No allergen information should ever be considered a guarantee, but simply a best faith effort to serve our customers.

*Appetizer and dessert will be ready to serve. The main course will require simple finishing and plating.

Halifax Chefs – Click photo to reveal each chef's menu

Main Dish

Gio Prince George Hotel | 1634 Chestnut Street, Halifax, NS B3H 3T4
Pick up only

Chef Gregory Burns - Bronze Medalist

In House Smoked Salmon
Vichyssoise, Cucumbers, Acadian Caviar
Contains dairy

Halibut. Seaweed and Sea Truffle Potato Pave. Herbed Pea Sauce, Zucchini, peas and Sea Vegetables
Contains dairy

Suggested Wine Pairing:
Gaspereau 2019 Tidal Bay, Gaspereau, NS

Lemon Curd
Puff Pastry, Raspberry, Meringue, Pistachio
Contains gluten, dairy, nuts

Click here for the chef's Romance of the Dish

The main course, a halibut dish, is quintessentially Nova Scotian. Seared and placed on sauce of fresh peas and local seaside herbs, this dish is complimented with a rich umami sea truffle pavé, a perfect marriage of land and sea. Gaspereau Vineyards' Tidal Bay makes a natural pairing with its refreshing acidity. Its lightly aromatic nose with notes of citrus and apple adds a fruit dimension to the dish, and the mineral finish brings the halibut to the forefront.

The Carleton | 1685, Argyle Street, Halifax, NS B3J 2B5
Curbside pick-up available | Delivery within 15km is an additional $15; delivery between 16km – 20km is $1 additional per km over the base price of $15

Chef Mathias Probst - First Time Competitor

Atlantic Salmon mi-cuit, served with horseradish cream, dill oil, pickled daikon and scallop katsuobushi
Contains dairy, shellfish

Sous-Vide Duck Breast, braised cabbage purée, jus de foie gras, lacto-fermented gooseberry, blackberry powder and crispy potato
Contains dairy

Suggested Wine Pairing:
Benjamin Bridge 2019 Cabernet Franc Rosé, Annapolis Valley, NS

Sea Buckthorn
sea buckthorn tart, smoked mascarpone, pink peppercorn
Contains gluten, dairy

Click here for the chef's Romance of the Dish

The Food From São Paulo, Brazil to Halifax, Nova Scotia, this menu is a result of a lifetime of personal connections and experiences. Taking you on a journey from his early childhood, Chef Mathias Probst starts with a twist on one of his grandfathers favorites dishes, to his early adulthood where he brings you one of his specialties and ending with a culmination of experiences after his arrival to Canada and an introduction to a new set of fresh, local ingredients.
To begin, Atlantic Salmon mi-cuit, a melt in your mouth classic. This dish is brightened up with horseradish cream, pickled daikon, and local scallop katsuobushi. The main course presents you with a tender and juicy duck breast, a surprising braised cabbage purée and a velvety jus emulsified with foie gras. Closing this menu, a sharp yet sweet, locally foraged sea buckthorn tart that is served with creamy smoked mascarpone and cracked pink peppercorns.
The Wine: This Cabernet Franc Rosé is a story of how one wine's loss became another wine's gain. For the last few years, a precedent had been set that if an extraordinary red wine was to emerge at Benjamin Bridge, it would undoubtedly hail from a resilient 25-year-old parcel of Cabernet Franc on the banks of the Habitant Estuary. When Hurricane Dorian struck in September of 2019, the halt on ripening prevented the fruit from that very parcel from reaching the maturity levels required to live up to the stylistic precedent of previous red wine vintages. However, one lesson learned from European vintages is that sacrificing the top wine often results in generational value and quality in the second wine, as they are exceptionally made from the same parcels as the iconic reference. Chef Mathias invites you to share with him a little taste of what he loves. We hope you enjoy!

The Orient Chinese Cuisine | 227 Bedford Highway, Halifax, NS B3M 2J9
Curbside Pick-up | Delivery within 15km at an additional cost

Chef Ivan Chan - Three Time Competitor and Bronze Medalist

Yin Yang Rolls
Peking Style Lamb Spring Rolls served with white miso Tzatziki. Nova Scotian Seafood Salad rolls with Nova Scotia Crab Meat and sweet chilli sauce
Contains gluten

Peking-Duck with Golden-Egg
The Golden-egg: Nova Scotian lobster & shrimp served with duck yolk sauce, nestled on a crispy taro nest. Peking-Duck petals: with dressed cucumbers and scallion-infused oil
Contains gluten, shellfish

Suggested Wine Pairing:
Gaspereau Cuvée Brut 2011, Nova Scotia

Chinese Sesame Sweet Explosion
Black sesame and water chestnut roll with almond mousse. Cantonese white sesame balls paired with sweet lotus paste
Contains seeds

Click here for the chef's Romance of the Dish

Our Main dish is all about bringing our guest to a new dimension of Authentic Chinese Cooking and showcasing some of the best local ingredients through authentic Chinese cooking method that represent our chef’s vision of cooking.

The Main Dish
The Crispy Prawn Ball mixed in the world-famous Nova Scotia Lobster covered with the salted duck egg yolks sauce as enhancer to both prawn ball and the crispy thin taro root nest underneath.
The Peking duck is a dish from Beijing (Peking) that has been prepared since the imperial era that is one of our chef’s specialties. Will be showcasing one of the oldest authentic Chinese dishes with a modern approach with

The Pairing
The crispness and bubbles of sparkling complements the umami and spice of Chinese food in a surprisingly delightful way, there is nothing better than pairing our creation with one of the Nova Scotia finest sparkling wines that was aged in tirage for 74 months. Gaspereau Vineyards’ Cuvée Brut 2011

Agricola Street Brasserie | 2540 Agricola St, Halifax, NS B3K 4C5
Curbside Pick-up | Delivery within 15km at an additional cost

Chef Dwayne MacLeod - One Time Competitor

Scallops escabeche
Marinated mahone bay scallops, smoked oyster aioli, apple rice chip, fermented fennel, pumpkin salad, lemon burnt honey gastrique
Contains gluten, shellfish

Nova Scotia halibut cheeks Poached in whey, carrot spiced purée, fondant potato, vegetable pave, pickled mustard
Contains dairy, shellfish

Suggested Wine Pairing:
Benjamin Bridge 2016 Rose Brut, Gaspereau Valley, NS

Ricotta cheese cake
House made ricotta, Cinnamon crumble, roasted peach chutney
Contains dairy

Click here for the chef's Romance of the Dish

This menu is focus on showcasing Nova Scotia wonderful ingredients of current and past seasons. I took a focus on using zero waste and have come up with a menu where I was able to obtain almost zero waste. With this focus and using bi-products along the way I am able to use as much of the ingredients as I could and focus on true simple strong flavours. For a wine pairing to go along with this menu I have Chosen to use Benjermin Bridge as I really enjoy their wines and they have a focus on sustainability like I do. This wine has on the nose complex aromas of tangerine, light cherry and strawberry. A slight smokiness that is crisp and refreshing. With great minerality and saline undertone and a wonderful creamy mouth feel with vibrant acidity that I feel pairs well with my main dish.

Chefs Competing in Moncton – Click photo to reveal each chef's menu

St. James Gate | 14 Church Street, Moncton, NB E1C 4Y9
Curbside Pickup or Delivery *up to 15 km | Dine in option available

Chef Anthony Seamone - One Time Competitor

Seared yellowfin tuna, watermelon and cucumber, wasabi cream, togarashi soy, pickled shallots, arugula, green goddess sauce, rice chips, sesame seeds
Contains dairy, nuts

Sous vide flat iron steak, dehydrated scallop chips, chimichurri sauce, red wine pearls, smoked hasselback potatoes, confit heirloom carrots, celery root, shallots
Contains shellfish

Suggested Wine Pairing:
Luckett 2017 Phone Book Red Lucie Khulman, Castel, Leon Millot, Wolfville, NS

German chocolate bombe
chocolate cake and mousse, pecan, coconut pudding
Contains gluten, dairy, nuts

Click here for the chef's Romance of the Dish

If there are a couple things I think everyone could use more of right now, it’s comfort and time spent with family and friends.
I know of no better way to provide comfort than through food. My goal in this competition is to show people a new, exciting way to cook steak and to provide them with a rich, professional quality meal they can make at home for themselves moving forward. Sous vide machines, or immersion circulators are used in almost every professional kitchen but are rarely seen at home. I hope to show my guests how they make cooking the perfect steak a breeze! The flat iron steak is considered by many to be a lesser cut of meat but with the sous vide treatment it truly melts in your mouth.
I believe there is an inherent beauty in simple, quality ingredients, prepared with love. I hope everyone who tastes my food agrees with me; that comfort food and time spent in the kitchen with friends is indeed a beautiful thing.

Legends | 377 Killam Drive, Exhibitors entrance "C", Moncton, NB E1C 3T1
Curbside Pick-up ONLY

Chef Matt Pennell - Three Time Competitor, Gold and Silver Medalist

Blue Cheese Beignet Salad
dragons breath stuffed beignet, Local by Atta greens, roasted beet, toasted seeds & Ramsey's Farm blueberry vinaigrette
Contains dairy, gluten

Coffee & Coriander Rubbed Pork Belly
slow roasted rubbed belly, local corn maque choux, pickled peach, roasted squash perogie & maple pork jus
Contains dairy, gluten

Suggested Wine Pairing:
Magnetic Hill 2019 Lodestone White, New Brunswick

Pumpkin & Apple Cake
cracked pepper & cheddar caramelized cream, caramel, cinnamon crisps & sea buckthorn curd
Contains dairy, gluten

Click here for the chef's Romance of the Dish

This was a difficult one. Not your typical year and definitely not your typical Great Kitchen Party event. I chose to create a dish that is comforting and approachable for those that have to put the finishing touches on it at home. However, there is no shortage of inspiration and skill in this caffeinated pork belly creation. Through the years of my culinary career I have seen so many changes in the industry and its cuisine. 4 component dishes once considered contemporary then deemed classical by their emerging 8 plus component dishes. Waves of cooking techniques, styles and cuisines rolled through and opened an endless resource of possibilities. My dishes are an example of my cooking from an early age until now. Memories of smells and tastes in East Coast household kitchens to new food experiences found later in life. Utilizing local ingredients, techniques spanning a 20+ year career, careful preparation and an appreciation for the simple things that great cuisine can offer. This will truly be a year to remember, so let's eat!

Black Rabbit | 333 St George St, Suite 104, Moncton, NB E1C 8X2
Curbside Pick-up | Delivery within 15km at an additional cost

Chef Luc Doucet - First Time Competitor

Salmon Roulade
Gravlax style roulade with dill mascarpone, cucumber relish, Local by Atta greens and lemon dressing
Contains gluten, nuts, shellfish

Braised Short Rib
Korean style braised short rib with mushroom risotto, soy demi glace, 5 spice tuile and seasonal vegetables
Contains nuts, shellfish

Suggested Wine Pairing:
Magnetic Hill 2017 Mascaret, New Brunswick

Pumpkin and White Chocolate Mousse
Pumpkin and white chocolate mousse filled with apple jelly, chocolate sauce, jam and crispy vanilla chips
Contains dairy

Click here for the chef's Romance of the Dish

At BLACK RABBIT we love blending amazing cuisines and techniques to create fun and exciting dishes. Our short rib is based on a Galbi preparation from Korea that we put on our Korean BBQ menu last July. We took those flavors as our base, added some modern cooking methods but with French techniques in mind. The result is a mouth watering short rib with all the flavors of Korea mixed with the romance of France and Italy prepared with local products.

Accommodations generously provided by St. James Hotel SJG

Hopyard & Sugar Skull Cantina | Joining Us from Charlottetown PEI, Alyssa will be working out of a local Moncton kitchen.

Chef Alyssa Dignard - Bronze Medalist

With the recent COVID news in Moncton, Alyssa will no longer be able to travel to Moncton from PEI to participate in the competition. Please choose from one of the other competing chefs in Moncton.

Click here for the chef's Romance of the Dish

1st Course
Tuna Tartar Fresh tuna tossed in a kimchi flavored tonato dressing, pickled shallots and cucumbers with togarashi seasoned rice crackers. Served with red miso buttered sour dough crustini.
2nd Course
Korean LambIsland lamb loin crusted in gochugaru and herbs. Served with an Xo sauce lamb demi glace, Soy marinated enoki mushrooms, and a "Ramen" inspired risotto, topped with crunchy pickled onions and white radish.
Wine Pairing: Malivoire Gamay 2018, Niagara Peninsula, Ontario. The 2018 Gamay is the ideal wine for a lamb loin because the suede like tannins are the perfect complement to this leaner softer cut of lamb. The earthy elements of the wine also match up for a lovely fall feel with the ramen risotto and marinated enoki mushrooms. The fresh cranberry aromas of the wine enhance the kimchi herb crust for an Asian influenced Thanksgiving feel.
3rd Course
Rich dark chocolate soy milk cake with fluffy whipped black sesame ganache, salty sesame brittle and a white miso caramel.

St John's Chefs – Click photo to reveal each chef's menu

SETO Kitchen + Bar | 281 Duckworth St, St. John's, NL A1C 1G9
Curbside Pick-up ONLY

Chef Ken Pittman - Two Time Competitor

Roasted squash soup, apple and bacon relish, Crème Fraiche
Contains dairy

Asian braised short rib, toasted buckwheat, scallion, sesame seeds, served with black garlic and potato purée, local vegetables
Contains gluten, dairy, nuts

Suggested Wine Pairing:
Rosewood 2018 “Night Moves” Gamay Noir VQA, Niagara Peninsula, ON

Newfoundland berry “flakie”
puffy pastry, lightly sweetened whipped cream, Newfoundland berry jam
Contains gluten, dairy

Click here for the chef's Romance of the Dish

This year we will be serving a braised beef short rib that will be glazed and charred over binchotan charcoal and garnished with nuts and seeds. This is to be paired with a black garlic and potato purée and charcoal roasted Newfoundland root vegetables. We think this dish represents what we do at Seto kitchen and bar perfectly, blending Asian ingredients and techniques with the best products Newfoundland and Canada has to offer. We have picked Rosewood wineries “Night Moves” Gamay Noir as the wine pairing.

The Merchant Tavern | 291 Water St, St. John's, NL A1C 1B9
Curbside Pick-up ONLY

Chef Jeremy Charles - Canadian Culinary Champion and Regional Gold Medalist

Sold Out

Beet Salad Kale, pecorino, yogurt, granola
Nut free. Contains dairy and gluten

Cod Pease pudding ravioli, roasted carrot, pork belly, brussel sprouts, Swiss chard
Nut free. Contains dairy and gluten

Suggested Wine Pairing:
Charles Baker 2017 Ivan Vineyard Riesling, Twenty Miles Bench, ON

Blueberry Cake Brown butter blueberry, chantilly cream
Nut free. Contains dairy and gluten

Click here for the chef's Romance of the Dish

Bad Bones Ramen | 178 Water St, St. John's, NL A1C 1A9
Curbside Pick-up ONLY

Chef Adam Gollop - Four Time Competitor and Silver Medalist

Steamed moose bao with a hoisin molasses sauce and blueberry red onion jam
Contains gluten

Our pork belly ramen in shoyou broth. Accompanied by fresh local veggies and mushrooms over house noodles
Contains gluten

Suggested Beverage Pairing:

Suggested Wine Pairing:
Quidi Vidi Brewery, Cappuccino Stout

An adaptation of a classic. Strawberry shortcake in all its glory and simplicity.
Contains gluten, dairy

Click here for the chef's Romance of the Dish

The Winner's Circle brought to you by Sysco – the winning chef in each city will be announced during the show!         FAQ



Bill Spurr - Senior Judge, food and wine writer, rum and barbecued ribs enthusiast

Ted Grant - Unapologetically enthusiastic about life, forever an optimist, passionate consumer of food and wine


Emmanuel Charretier - Culinary Canada/France…world. Wild, sensitive, outdoor, nasty but friendly… family

Evan Smith - Chef, educator, determined, creative, driven, resilient, passionate

St John's

Roary Macpherson - Senior Judge, father, chef , community supporter, promoter of all things Newfoundland

Roger Andrews - Husband, Father, Chef Educator, Sport Enthusiast, Newfoundland and Labrador Food Lover

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Jim Cuddy, National Entertainment Advisor for Kitchen Party, is bringing together an exceptional all-star cast! Expect hit after hit after hit in what can be described as a show like no other! For those of you who tuned into Kitchen Party’s Home Edition expect an even more powerful and diverse line up of Canada’s best and most iconic talent.

Each show will have a different line up of talent from this amazing roster including: Jim Cuddy, Ed Robertson, Serena Ryder, Alan Doyle, Barney Bentall, Johnny Reid, Whitehorse, Lorraine Segato, Gord Bamford, Eagle and Hawk, William Prince, Anne Lindsay, Murray McLauchlan, Danny Michel, Alex Cuba, Measha Brueggergoserman, Neil Osborne, Kandle Osborne, Bill Henderson, Julian Taylor, Devin Cuddy, Elisapie, Sam Polley, Terra Lightfoot, Tom Wilson, Rose Cousins, Joel Plaskett, Dawn Pemberton, Donovan Woods, Nuela Charles and more!

Host for Ontario, Alberta, Atlantic and Sask/Man: Denise Donlon

Co-hosts for Alberta: Denise Donlon and Dave Kelly

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