Canadian Culinary Championships

Join us in Kelowna, B.C. - Feb. 1st – 2nd, 2019 for the grand finale!

The Canadian Culinary Championships is the grand finale of Canada’s Great Kitchen Party events that are held annually in the fall.

Staged in eleven cities, the events are a celebration of the pillars of Canadian culture – sport, music and food with a purpose of providing young Canadians the opportunity to be extraordinary in the same pillars. High performing athletes are provided the support they need to compete on the world stage. Musical instruments are purchased for schools, enabling students to discover the magic of music. And kids learn from leading Canadian chefs how to grow, cook and share healthy food addressing food security for all youth. Canada’s Great Kitchen Party and the Canadian Culinary Championships support B2ten, MusiCounts and Community Food Centres Canada.

In each of the eleven cities, 8 – 10 chefs compete with a dish of their choice paired with a Canadian wine, beer or spirit.  To be invited to compete locally is a notch in the belt. To get on the podium is very difficult.  To win gold is a major achievement! To be crowned the top chef in Canada at the Canadian Culinary Championships is a career changer!

Don’t miss on what will be the most extraordinary culinary competition you will ever witness!

Competing Chefs: Gold Medalists from 11 Regional Competitions (click photo to learn their stories)

Takashi Ito

Takashi Ito

AURA waterfront restaurant + patio View Website

Representing British Columbia

Dave Bohati

Dave Bohati

Murrietas View Website

Representing Calgary

Davina Moraiko

Davina Moraiko

RGE RD View Website

Representing Edmonton

Q & A with Davina Moraiko
Where would you travel to on a culinary vacation and why?
I have always been intrigued to travel to New York City because of the quality and diversity of the culinary scene.
Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
Doing what I love, cooking and creating.
Tell us something most people don’t know about you.
I used to be in a bowling league.
Christopher Hill

Christopher Hill

Taste Restaurant Group View Website

Representing Saskatchewan

Jesse S. Friesen

Jesse S. Friesen

The Merchant Kitchen View Website

Representing Winnipeg

Q & A with Jesse S. Friesen
Please tell us three things you love about your restaurant.
  1. My team - they are kitchen soldiers and love what they do
  2. The food - we stand by everything that we make, and everything is from scratch
  3. The pace - we are a hot spot for Jets games & concerts, there is no time to slow down or slip up in the heat of the moment
What is your favourite thing about Canada’s Great Kitchen Party?
The challenge and the networking. I have met an overwhelming amount of people who I still stay in touch with because of GMP. Since I achieved my two medals, it has been career changing for me.
Tell us something most people don’t know about you.
I have a tattoo of Jafar from the Disney movie Aladdin on my bicep.
Elia Herrera

Elia Herrera

Los Colibris View Website

Representing Toronto

Q & A with Elia Herrera
Tell us something people don’t know about you.
Something that people don't know about me is that I am afraid of worms.
Please tell us three things you love about your restaurant.
I love my team, I love the meaning of Los Colibris (love and memories), and I love my guest.
Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
I see myself as a very important business woman in 5 years.
Yannick LaSalle

Yannick LaSalle

Restaurant Les Fougères (Chelsea QC) View Website

Representing Ottawa

Q & A with Yannick LaSalle
Tell us about who or what inspired you to become a chef?
As a child I would find myself in front of a BBQ in family reunions helping with the burgers. When I got older, to get myself a student job I cooked in my hometown’s « chip stand ». I didn’t know I wanted to cook for living so I took a machinist program after high school. Again, I found myself cooking as a side job to make some money. I realized then that’s what I wanted to do with my career. I dropped out of my machinist course to join culinary school. My first stage at L’Escarbille in France at a 1 star Michelin confirmed that I was on the right path.
What do you love about cooking for a living?
I love the fact that all 5 senses are stimulated. What please me the most is being apart of creating happiness around the table.
Please tell us three things you love about your restaurant.
Restaurant Les Fougères wouldn’t be the same without the wonderful owner’s Jennifer and Charlie Parts and the amazing team. I also enjoy the garden where I get to pick a few of my daily ingredients. The stunning dining room which is made with hyperlocal material and an open kitchen that leads us to connect with our regular clientele.
What’s your favourite thing to cook at home?
Sara and I appreciate eating fish on a Monday evening off. Different approaches to vegetables is a must on a daily basis.
Where would you travel to on a culinary vacation and why?
I’ve being to a few places in the world but California is where I found myself cooking the best food and feeling the most balanced which is very important in this stressful industry. This is why if I had to choose anywhere in the world, I would go back to California.
Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
Hopefully owning my restaurant close to my family and still be traveling the world to learn and make new friendship with people that share the same passion.
If you were an Olympic athlete what sport would you compete in and why?
I would probably compete in snowboarding. Growing up I really enjoyed this sport where my friends and I would meet up on weekends and have a blast.
What is your favourite thing about Canada’s Great Kitchen Party?
To be able to share my passion with other top chef’s in the region while raising money for a great cause.
Tell us something most people don’t know about you.
Although I love to make people happy and encounter that everyday, I am constantly battling high anxiety.
Jason Morris

Jason Morris

Pastel View Website

Representing Montréal

Irwin MacKinnon

Irwin MacKinnon

Papa Joe's View Website

Representing New Brunswick and PEI

Thomas Carey

Thomas Carey

Fresh Twenty One View Website

Representing Nova Scotia

Q & A with Thomas Carey
What do you love about cooking for a living?
For me it is the constant learning every day, the excitement of working out a new recipe and developing it to its full potential.
Please tell us three things you love about your restaurant.
  1. Having the opportunity to work with new students every year. Helping them get ready for their own journey is something very special.
  2. The opportunities to learn and collaborate with the faculty chefs and tourism management here at the college is something unique in itself; it pushes me daily to focus and strive for great things and to always improve.
  3. The last thing would be that we get to change the menu constantly and have flexibility to explore other cultural cuisines and using local ingredients.
Where would you travel to on a culinary vacation and why?
I would like to go back to India. I spent 3 weeks there for a friend’s wedding. I saw and tasted so much but I feel that I just skimmed the top. The food from the south was my favorite as it used so many fresh ingredients. The spices were incredible; they were some of the very best I have tasted.
Katie Hayes

Katie Hayes

Bonavista Social Club View Website

Representing Newfoundland


James Chatto

Andrew Morrison

Sid Cross

Mary Bailey

John Gilchrist


Noelle Chorney

Barbara O’Hara

Sasha Chapman

Gildas Meneu

Anne DesBrisay

Evan Smith

Ted Grant

Chef Perry Bentley

Judged Events

Mystery Wine Pairing

Mystery Wine Pairing


Delta Grand Okanagan

Chefs are given a mystery bottle of wine and are challenged to create a dish with local ingredients that best complement the mysterious vintage, in a set amount of time and with a set budget. Guests will have the pleasure of sampling these creations on the opening night of the competition, in a stand up cocktail reception format. During the event, guests will taste the mystery wine and play ‘judge’ as they vote on the ‘People’s Choice Award’ for the best food and wine pairing. In addition, three local Kelowna breweries will be showcased along with a fantastic silent auction. Food and wine included.

Black Box

Black Box


Okanagan College Culinary Arts Department
SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 2 | 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM

One of the most exciting parts of the competition! Chefs will be given a black box containing a small array of diverse foods, and must produce and plate a spectacular dish for the national judges – all in one short hour! Guests won’t get much closer to watching an Iron Chef-type competition than this – you will be in the kitchen where all the action is! The Okanagan Culinary Department will create a fantastic spread of food during the competition for you to enjoy, and there is a mini-market featuring local products!

NOTE: this event is ONLY open to guests who purchase the Gold Partner, Hat Trick VIP Athlete Package or 3-Event package. Food prepared by the competing chefs are only plated for judges.

Grand Finale

Grand Finale


Delta Grand Okanagan

On the final night of competition, anything goes. Chefs create their best dish for guests to sample, paired with a great Canadian beverage from their regional competition. By evening’s end, Canada’s Champion Chef of 2019 will be crowned and a victory celebration will be staged including a performance by one of Canada’s iconic rock bands, Chilliwack; elite athletes from amateur, para and pro-sport will be telling their stories; and signature trips will be available to incredible destinations! Food and beverages included.

Event Schedule

CDN. Culinary Championships Winning Chefs

VIP Reception – for Deloitte National partner guests, Gold Partners, Hat Trick table buyers and athletes in attendance

5:45 PM – Stand up cocktail reception featuring Canadian Culinary Champion, Alex Chen of Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar in Vancouver.  Note: for VIP guests the chef’s stations open 30 minutes early at 6:00 pm!

The Competition – General Admittance for corporate table and individual ticket buyers

6:30 PM – Stand up reception format where guests will sample the amazing dishes prepared by the competing chefs paired with their Canadian wine, beer or spirit.

The Celebration – All Guests

8:00 PM – Seated format featuring entertainment, athlete interviews, live auction featuring regional items and the famous Kitchen Party Adventure trips and the grand finale of the crowning of the Gold, Silver and Bronze medallist chefs and the best chef in Canada for 2019!

10:00 PM – Performance by Canada’s iconic rock band, Chilliwack!

Event Chairs

Judy Burns

Judy Burns

Harry McWatters

Honourary Chair Harry McWatters


Thank you to the Gold Medal Plates sponsors and supporters who provide vital support to the project!

Wine Article

Ten Great Wines Compete at the Canadian Culinary Championship

By David Lawrason

On Feb 1-2 ten Canadian wines that took Best of Show at Canada’s Great Kitchen Party events in their respective cities will compete for the title Wine of the Year at the Canadian Culinary Championship in Kelowna.  Nine of the wines are listed below, and a tenth will join the line-up at the CCC event itself.

The wines were judged by panels of local sommeliers, retailers and wine writers in each city. In most cities they were joined by David Lawrason, National Wine Advisor to Canada’s Great Kitchen Party.

The finalists come from four different provinces including, for the first time, New Brunswick, as the Kitchen Party expanded to Moncton this year for an event representing New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

The competition is designed to showcase the generous donation of almost 100 Canadian wineries, breweries and distilleries, to Kitchen Party events, which raise funds for national organizations helping youth achieve excellence in the athletics, music and food.

The diverse selection of sparkling, whites and reds show that Canada is achieving critical success in a wide range of styles.

The Canadian Culinary Championship assembles eleven Canadian Gold Medal chefs for two-day, three-event competition. It kicks off with the Mystery Wine Competition on Feb 1, during which chefs prepare dishes to match to one wine being enjoyed blind by over 400 guests.

  • Calgary – The Chase 2016 Chardonnay, Lake Country, British Columbia
  • Edmonton – Vanessa Vineyard 2014 Syrah, Similkameen Valley, British Columbia
  • Halifax – Blomidon Estates 2014 Blanc de Noir, Nova Scotia
  • Moncton – Mott’s Landing Brut Classic, New Brunswick
  • Ottawa – Domaine Queylus 2016 Cabernet Franc, Niagara Peninsula, Ontario
  • Toronto – Charles Baker 2014 Picone Vineyard Riesling, Niagara Peninsula, Ontario
  • Saskatoon – Domaine Queylus 2011 Cabernet Merlot Reserve Niagara Peninsula, Ontario
  • Victoria – Stag’s Hollow 2016 Grenache, Okanagan Falls, British Columbia
  • Winnipeg – Blue Mountain 2015 Gold Label Brut, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

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For a listing of local winners for this year and prior years go to each city’s information and for national winners, view past winners.

Recent Winners

CCC 2018 Winners

Recent Winners


Alex Chen
Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar

Pairing: Sea Star 2016 Ortega, Pender Island, BC


Eric Gonzalez
L’Atelier Joël Robuchon

Pairing: Painted Rock 2013 Syrah, Okanagan Valley, BC


Barry Mooney

Pairing: Benjamin Bridge NV Brut Rosé, Gaspereau Valley, NS

Best of Show Results


Tantalus Vineyard 2015 Reisling


Flat Rock Cellars 2016 Nadja’s Vineyard Reisling


Nichol Vineyard 2014 Old Vine Syrah

KP Pints


Dageraad Blonde


Four Winds Nectarous


Dieu Du Ciel Péché Mortel

CDN. Culinary Championships Video


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