Canada’s Great Kitchen Party

elevates and celebrates Canadian
wine, beer and spirits

Canada’s Great Kitchen Party (KP) is a national culinary competition held in cities across Canada. The excellent wines, beers, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages now being produced in Canada are integral to the quality and the success of the events. Generously donated by the producers, they are presented to more than 4000 guests each year, making KP the largest public showcase of Canada’s homegrown beverages.

Canadian Wines


Under the expert guidance of National Wine Advisor David Lawrason, guests will enjoy a superb, curated selection of Canadian wines, beers and spirits this season. In 2022 and 2023 we made a concerted effort to the elevate wine quality to the premium tier now being produced in Canada. In 2024 we will also include more wineries and present a New Winery Showcase. VIP Reception guests will sample Gold Medalists from the National Wine Awards of Canada. The chefs will serve Canadian products carefully paired with their dish, the match being an important element in the judging. And during the Celebration all guests will find Canada’s pinnacle wines on their tables. The 2023 Wine Report tells the tale of the scope of this program.

Fine wine is also very much apart of Kitchen Party trips. Any destination that features local wines, whether in Europe or the New World, includes David as a wine host. Other auction items may include David as well, hosting tours in Canadian wine country, or in--home tastings, dinners and cheese pairings.

Craft Beers

There is no doubt among beer lovers in Canada that the craft brewing scene has exploded. Back in 1998, Canada had fewer than 150 breweries from sea to shining sea. Today, a generation later, the number is in the thousands. To celebrate this explosion of brewing creativity, we are thrilled to present unique craft beers from each city where KP events are held. It’s all about local excellence.


Artisanal Spirits


With the changes in regulations allowing the production of smaller batch spirits, the rise of artisanal distilleries in every Canadian province is something to behold! Showcasing them at KP’s events, we are proud to share the unique spirits they create, often using local grains and botanicals.