How many shows will there be?

There are six shows - all in late October on a Thursday-Saturday. One for BC (with competitions in Vancouver, Victoria and Kelowna), one for Alberta (with competitions in Calgary and Edmonton), one for Saskatchewan (with competitions in Saskatoon and Regina), one for Manitoba (with a competition in Winnipeg), one for Ontario (with competitions in Toronto and Ottawa) and one for Atlantic Canada (with competitions in Halifax, Moncton and St. John's)

How much is it per person to experience the three-course culinary competition meal and show?

$195 per person plus taxes. Note: wine and delivery (if you choose that option) is an additional cost.

If I choose to be a host, can I have any number of guests attend at my home? Do we all need to select the same chef?

There are many options. You can have 2, 4, 6, 8 10, 10+, whatever you are comfortable with. You can pay for all of their meals or have each person/couple reimburse you for their meal. We would recommend ordering from one chef to keep the logistics of warming and plating the main course easy but up to you if you wish to have a variety of chef's dishes for you and your guests!

I would like to "host" some of my corporate clients but not meet in person. Is this possible?

Absolutely. Many business leaders are thinking about this as a wonderful way to touch in with current clients or develop relationships with potential clients. We have created a Platinum Host opportunity for this option. Invite clients to "Save the Date" (we will create this collateral for you) order and have the meals delivered to their home. You might meet with clients virtually before or during the meal and then watch the show separately, or simply let them enjoy the experience on their own while you host your own gathering of friends in your home!

Is there a way for my company or any companies to be a sponsor/partner to receive branding during the online show?

Yes, we have Platinum Host opportunities and Provincial Partner opportunities (see regional pages). For national opportunities, please contact Karen Blair at kblair@greatkitchenparty.com.

The Food/The Competition

How many Legendary Chefs will be featured in each city? When will they be announced? How can I be sure to get the chef I want?

There will be 5-6 legendary chefs per city and they will be announced early September. Each chef will have a maximum number of dishes they will be able to create, so ordering your tickets in a timely fashion will be imperative.

Will the chef competition meals be delivered to my home for myself and my whole party?

In most cases, you can have the meal/meals delivered to your home at an additional cost or alternatively, you can pick up the meals at no additional charge.

Will the meal be easy to serve?

Yes – chefs have been asked to create a cold appetizer and dessert course so there will be no prep work involved for the guests besides putting them on a plate. The main course may need to be heated and/or a sauce heated separately and then plated but it will all be very easy. Simple instructions will be emailed to you from the restaurant prior to the event.

Will the legendary competing chef I chose recommend a wine that I can buy from him and add to my order?

Yes, and it is the exact same wine the judges will be tasting with the chef’s main course. The judges will be eating the same main course that you will enjoy!

When will the chef winners be announced for each city and how are they being judged?

The winners for each city will be announced during the online show. Two culinary judges chosen by National Head Judge and Culinary Advisor James Chatto will be judging the chef’s main course dish. The two judges will be going in-person to each restaurant the day before to taste and judge their dish.

Will the chefs go on to compete in a Canadian Culinary Championship?

No, there will be no finale championship in 2021. The CCC will resume in 2022 when we return to staging the fall events in 2021.

The Online Show

How many musicians will perform during the show?

National Entertainment Advisor Jim Cuddy is bringing together an exceptional all-star cast of over 20 performers which will be announced over the next few weeks! For those of you who tuned into Kitchen Party’s Home Edition expect an even more powerful line up of Canada’s best and most iconic talent!

The Impact

How much was raised already for the beneficiaries through Home Edition?

$275,000 for Community Food Centres Canada through a matching program with Maple Leaf Foods and $75,000 for MusiCounts (7 schools already!)

Will the EMERGING STRONGER series of events support the three beneficiaries: MusiCounts, Community Food Centres Canada and B2ten?


How will I be able to support the beneficiaries?

Become a Platinum Host and order tickets for your clients or become a Kitchen Party partner!

Participate in the online auction that will be opened 7 days prior to each regional event and closed 30 minutes after each online show.

Directly donate to charities from corporate budgets or from Family Foundation Funds previous to the event (tax receipts or letters provided).

Directly donate to MusiCounts and have a musician dedicate a song to someone special (organized previous to event - tax receipts provided).

Directly donate as an individual to one of the charities the night of the event (tax receipts provided).